Friday, 1 August 2008

Arrived at last

We finally made it. It took about 24 hours from door to door, but we got here. I've ot been able to find a terminal Icould use to write an update, but finally managed thanks to HK Library Service. The reason the journey took so long was in part because our flight from Doha to HKwas delayed by 4 hours due to a fuel leak being found from one of the wings. Four hours!How long does it take to chew up a stick of Wrigley's Spearmint and plug a small gap?Because of this we were entitled to some food at Doha airport but this was about the only highlight. There was a small food court, lots of duty free shops, and a stall to win a fancy Merc, but Idon't think I would be able to fit that in my hand luggage so didn't bother. They also had a suite of internet terminals, none of which worked, and no bar to wile away the time in. Very dull, and both of us were pretty ratty as we had already been travelling for over 12 hours by that point.

The flight went eventually and we finally reached HK. We checked into our hotel, but not after a very scenic and pretty efficient bus ride from the airport. Our hotel room is small but good (HKrooms are small, so that's what you expect). We went out and found a bar to enjoy a couple fo drinks and soe food. Unfortunately not very Cantonese as we both had burgers. The beer selection wasw pretty good though. We headed back pretty exhausted

Next morning we were up with the lark. Well, a lark lying in till 10 at any rate. Jet lag:what are you going to do? Too late for breakfast we headed to a Delifrance in the HKLibrary where we enjoyed what can only be described as brunch. The day went swimmingly, qwuite literally later on as we did partake of the hotel pool, but not before we had been round an interesting area specialising in birds' nests and antiques, oplus one of the oldest temples in HK. Lunch was eaten on the Peak, which is the highest point in HK, and you ascend there on a funicular tram which was kind of fun. The views are incredible from up there, overlooking the harbour (I can't get access to the USB port of this computer or I'd post a picture or twop. It has to be said that Hong Kong Harbour is probably one of the most breathtaking manmade sights in the world.

We returned fior the aforementioned swim, then set out to see the skyline from teh other side of the harbour which was again stunning when lit up and walked the avenue of stars with hand prints from a load of HKfilm stars two of which I'd actully heard of: Jet Li and Jackie Chan. There was a statue of Bruce Lee as welll, but I'm not sure he was able to put his hands in concrete when the avenue of stars when it was established as I think they are now in a museum somewhere. Then we headwed to Temple St Night Market which was OK, not as interesting as some night markets, but an experience. We ate around here at some place with a menu very limited in English. Street food isn't so easy to come by here. Then it was off to a palce with lots of bars, including the Asian stock in trade of the girly bar. The (respectable) place we alighted on was opposite a few of these so made fro interesting people watching. And that was it

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