Sunday, 27 July 2008


Well it's Sunday night, it's now about 36 hours before the taxi pulls up outside and whisks us off on another holiday of a lifetime. Things are in hand. I've even added fancy bells and whistle to this here blog. Look to the right and there is weather info about where we are going (and where we're coming from), and a hit counter, which has steadily been clocking up the number of times I've viewed the page as no-one really knows it exists yet.

And the excitemenet is building. All my clothes are sorted, all my other stuff. There's only the small matter of a day at work tomorrow. And the fact I need to sort my belongings out as we are moving buildings between my going on holiday and returning. It is swings and roundabouts, at least I'm not there for the worst of the moving. I will be thinking of the hard work and the teething trouble everyone will be going through. Actually, who am I kidding? No I won't. Well the thought might flit across my mind like a wisp of cloud in front of the moon before it disperses and I realise it's been a few seconds since I remembered that I'm in some tropical paradise.

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