Saturday, 2 August 2008

Saturday night in HK

3rd August 2008, 12:25 am
Mix cafe sandwich shop , Hong Kong

This is our last night in HK, and we are in a place to get some food before heading off into the melee that is HK nightlife. We are in a district which is mainly full of expat bars and quite expensive. One bar we were in and an English guy rolls up in his Porsche outside and comes in. It's THAT kind pf place. SERIOUS money The drinks here are pretty pricey at that.

I have to aplogise about yesterday's entry. We got kicked off the computer in the library before I had a chance to polish it up and get rid of the mistakes. This entry is not likely to be as long either as when this Texas wrap is finished we need to go and find a nice place for more cocktails. Nightlife in HK is brilliant. The bars aren't particulalry noteworthy in themselves, though they are pleasant enough, but they are open so late. Later yesterday after I posted, we went to a place called Stanley Harbour on the other sdier of Hong Kong Island which was quite pleasant. There is a bar there called the Smuggler's Bar which now is forever England since I stuck a note up saying how much we liked it and giving this blog addy. How long it lasts is anyone's guess, but it was there yesterday. The trip over there was very hair-raising, on the upper deck of a double decker (the bus, not the kids TV show from the 70s), and winds over some serious hilly terrain with some sheer drops over the side. Cheaper than any theme park ride. THe place is noce, on the coast (well, duh! the clue's in the name: "harbour"!), but it's a nice excursion from teh buzz of the city, and little more than 30 minutes away

Dinner was finally some decent street food, with a fish, and veggies with fried rice. On an alleyway. Just how it should be. We went back to the Eastend Brewery place for a few bevvies afterwards.

Today we went over to Cheung Chau, an outlying island which was lovely. It has a very Med feel about it, reasonable beaches (complete with shark net shrouded swimming areas!). I'll mention more about this, but my sandwich is nearly done, and there is a margarita with my name on it somewhere nearby

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Paul said...

Well I have been helping half the 3rd floor of C4 move desks this week... Not quite as interesting as Hong Kong! Your comments have reminded me to buy some tequila and make my own margaritas this week!

Hope you’re having a good time, sounds like you are! Hope you avoided the sharks and enjoyed your sandwich....