Monday, 4 August 2008

4th August, 18:30, Macau Airport

The last couple of entries have been a little rushed, andthis one is likely to be as well. We had a great time in Hong Kong and caught a hydrofoil Macau. This sound exciting and we saw a couple of them the day before when we had gone to Cheung Chan Island and they looked really cool. But onboard you might as well be on a plane or something as it's really smooth and not too loud. You can't even get up on deck and watch the sea go by. It is seriously fast and efficient, which is more than can be said for Macau immigration. You arrive on the jetty and are husted into a huge hall with immigration desks as normal, but they were a mass of people. Admitedly it was in fairly well organised lines, but it was so slow. We entered and had a little trouble seeking out a bus to take us to our hotel. It arrived and got us to a reasonable looking hotel where we checked in. The staff at the Best Western Taipa are defintely unhelpful though
Excuse the formatting change. The keyboard here is playing silly buggers as it’s something to do with Chinese characters

Anyway, Taipa village around where we were staying was very pleaant, sleepy even. A stark contrast from HK. This is despite the huge monstrous casinos we saw on the bus ride from the ferry terminal. Taipa is a seperate island you reach by one of a number of bridges.You get a view of the incredible casinos as you arrive. It really looks like Vegas, with an MGM Grand and Sands venues, plus the local Hotel Lisboa. Our hotel was comfortable and clean, though the staff were pretty unhelpful.

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