Friday, 18 July 2008

It's not as much fun this time

One of the reasons that I ran out of steam writing the other blog that I lost the address for is because I don't have much stuff to buy for the holiday. Sure, a few clothes, sandals, mozie spray, suncream, books, but nothing too fun to buy. Backpacks for example. Great fun to mess about with in the shop, laugh at the price and go and buy a cheaper one.
Still we've had a few good trips for shopping, getting into the swing in Leeds which is our nearest big city, or a weekend in Manchester when we saw Radiohead play.

Another thing is that ordering stuff online doesn't have the same feeling. It's not the same as going into a shop, and touching the things you want to buy. Or touching them too much to make them shop soiled so you don't want to buy them, and going somewhere else and buying them cheaper

As it stands we have pretty much everything sorted. Charging camera batteries, and buying them for torches and stuff needs to be done. Mundane things like that.

I had a jab the other week. In fact the sadistic nurse decided she would give me two. Typhoid and polio/diptheria. The cow. Then she was interrogating me on where we were going, wanting to feed me malaria pills which we probably don't need. It wasn't enough to make my sodding arm hurt. No. Poison me as well. OK it's better than getting malaria. She was very thorough to be fair.

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